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I provide high-quality tuition for GCSE or A level students who ​want to improve their grades. No matter what you’re struggling ​with, thanks to my countless hours of tutoring experience, I can ​give you the help you need.

I am studying for a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering ​which I studied at Loughborough University, and I have also ​tutored for over 5 years for both private clients and for a tutoring ​agency. I have personal insight into excelling at GCSE and A ​levels as I sat both exams less than 10 years ago and did ​extremely well. My aim is to improve your weaknesses, whether ​that is gaining a better understanding of the concepts or doing ​well on the exam.

Why work with me

I understand how to ​prepare for exams

I have years of ​tutoring experience

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I am reliable

I provide the ​explanations you need

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Extensive tuition service

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Ex​am Preparation

I prepare you for your exams and I special​ise in: 11+, GCSE, A-level, SA​T

Su​bject tutor

I teach the following subjects: Maths, Phys​ics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, ​Business Studies

Practice qu​estions

I provide practice questions as well as ​feedback and worked solutions so you ​can ​improve

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St​udy resources

I provide a range of resources such as ​Cheat sheets, flash cards and relev​ant diagr​ams

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Un​iversity Applications

I provide assistance with your University ​application such as tips for you​r Personal​ Statement

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Ex​plain concepts

I cover topics outside of the syllabus to ​help you get a deeper understanding in​ you​r areas of interest


What my clients say about me

I was given the support and guidance I needed to improve my grades and understanding of the material. I would highly recommend Okoro Tuition to any student looking for support.

- Ama

My tutor was patient, knowledgeable, and committed to helping me succeed. He helped me to develop my study skills and provided me with personalized attention to ensure that I was fully prepared for my exams.

- Braham

I cannot recommend Okoro Tuition enough! I was equipped with various resources that helped me to excel in my studies

- Aaron

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